Advanced Circuitry International

"Specializing in High-Tech RF / Microwave & Antenna PCB's"


At ACI we've been manufacturing a wide array of Antenna PCB's since 1992. With millions of our products in operations around the world, our customers rely on us to deliver Antenna PCB’s of the highest quality and PIM performance.   From basestation to the most complex phased array antennas ACI has the expertise to meet your requirements, and with one of the largest stocks of RF materials in North America we can deliver your prototypes in as little as one day.

PIM Performance & Mitigation

When it comes to PIM Performance issues we are not the subject matter experts our customers are, but when it comes to Antenna PCB manufacturing we make PIM Mitigation our number one priority by: 

  • Providing Part-to-Part and Lot-to-Lot Consistency based on Internal and Customer Data.
  • Providing Consistent Sidewall Etch Angles
  • Providing Immersion Tin Plating with automated titration/chemical adds and fully automated inline copper removal to provide our customers with the highest quality, longest shelf life Solderable Surfaces.
  • Providing Environmentally Controlled soldermask processing areas to keep contaminants to a minimum.
  • Providing consistent Conductor Sidewall Etch Angles

Whether your requirement is on Land, Sea, Air or Space, Base Station, GPS, Microwave, Small Cell, Automotive or Marine we have you covered. We are always updating our technology offerings, please contact us to get the most current information.

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