AS9100D Implementation

Having an ISO9001:2008 QMS system has served our needs and the needs of our customer base for many years. While ACI has historically serviced a commercial customer base fabricating RF/Microwave and Antenna PCB’s we have seen increasing interest from the aerospace and defense community for our products and technology. Based on that interest we made the commitment to upgrade our QMS system to AS9100D. ACI’s Quality Management System was certified to AS9100D within Q2 of 2018.

AS9100D is the internationally recognized quality management system standard specific to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) of the aerospace, aviation and defense industries. This certification reflects our commitment to meeting and exceeding the rigorous industry requirements for aerospace and their related printed circuit board manufacturing needs.

This upgrade will greatly enhance our quality standards for our commercial offering as well, and allow us to diversify our business model for future growth opportunities.