Large Format PCB’s with PTH Technology (Case Study)

In 2004 EMS Wireless asked ACI to build 72” long Teflon™ PCB’s with Plated-Thru-Hole Technology for base station antennas.  At that time we were building long PCB’s but none with Plated-Thru-Holes.  There were many roadblocks and setbacks.  Equipment had to be designed and procured, processes engineered and end product performance verified and accepted by our customers.  By 2006 ACI was building many large format PCB’s for Cingular Wirelesses 3G infrastructure in North America as well as other long Teflon™ based products for various applications and customers.

Today with hundreds of thousands of successful builds behind us we provide large format PCB’s up to 102” long and in 24” widths utilizing most commercially available laminates.  Our large format products cross many industries from Defense Electronics to Medical devices.

These are a sampling of some of the products that our large format PCB’s are utilized for:

  • Large Antenna Structures
  • Radar Avoidance & Threat Detection
  • Bomb Detection Scanners
  • Slip Rings
  • Linear Scales
  • Imaging Systems
  • Base Station Antennas
  • Non-Contact Power and Data Transmission