Advanced Circuitry International

"Specializing in High-Tech RF / Microwave & Antenna PCB's"

Multilayer PCB's

ACI manufactures a wide variety of Multilayer PCB's for various applications spanning numerous industries and technologies.  We can build your high layer count PCB's using a wide variety of high speed low loss materials from epoxies to PTFE.  We impedance model and verify your design during our DFM process.  Our In-Process inspection points ensure that our manufacturing processes are within control limits and our final inspection includes micro-section and electrical testing validation ensuring that your design meets your expectations.   Let us assist you on your next design requirement!

Our Capabilities Include

Vast Teflon processing Experience
Composite Multilayers utilizing Exotic materials
Blind & Buried Vias
OmegaPly & Ticer Buried Resistor Technology
Via Fill & Via-in-Pad Technology
Precision Back Drilling
Castellated Vias    
Sequential Lamination 

Standard Panel Size: 12” X 18” & 18” X 24”    
Minimum Line & Space: .004/.004 
Minimum Hole Diameter: .008
Plated Hole Size Tolerance: +/-.003   
NPTH Size Tolerance: +/-.001 
Plating Aspect Ratio: 10:1  
Positional Accuracy: +/-.003 
Minimum Core Thickness: .001
Maximum Board Thickness: .350 
Thickness Tolerance: +/-10%  
Soldermask Registration Tolerance: +/-.003   
Minimum Soldermask Clearance: .003 

Legend Registration: +/-.003
Minimum Legend Feature: .004
Routing Tolerance: +/-.005
Minimum Radius: .006

LPI Soldermask, Green, Blue, Black, White & Red
Thermal & LPI Legend, White, Black & Yellow
UV Cured Soldermasks

Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)
Immersion Silver
Immersion Tin
Electrolytic Bright Tin
Electrolytic Matte Tin
Electrolytic Hard & Soft Gold
Hot-Air-Solder Leveled (HASL)


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